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Are you a dedicated doctor seeking extraordinary prospects within the NHS? Look no further. We specialise in linking exceptional medical doctors with prestigious roles all across the UK. Find our Doctor Jobs down below

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Medical Career?

We continuously seek talented junior, middle-grade, and senior doctors for various temporary and permanent positions across both NHS and independent hospitals. From Surgical specialties to Anaesthesia, Paediatrics, Medicine, and Emergency Medicine, our diverse range of posts caters to all career paths.

Joining our network means entering a world of unparalleled opportunities within supportive teams, collaborating with some of the UK’s top professionals who prioritise your growth and development.

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Complete a short application form and attach your CV. Our team will promptly review your submission and get in touch with you.


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What Sets Us Apart?

Unlock Top-Paying Roles

Your commitment deserves exceptional rewards. Our network provides access to the NHS’s most competitive paying roles, ensuring your expertise is both acknowledged and generously compensated

Tonnes of opportunities

Just as every patient is unique, so is every medical journey. Our extensive array of opportunities caters to professionals at all stages – whether you’re a seasoned practitioner   a fresh graduate, we have pathways that align with your aspirations

Nationwide Reach

From vibrant urban centres to tranquil rural settings, our placements span the entire United Kingdom. Seize the opportunity to contribute to diverse communities and healthcare environments while embracing the essence of various locations

Doctor Jobs


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Discover a world of exceptional opportunities

Our Top Doctor Roles

Whether you are seeking new challenges, career advancement, or a change in your medical journey, our top doctor jobs provide the perfect platform for growth and fulfilment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're considering Concept Care Recruitment for your career advancement, we welcome you to explore our frequently asked questions about our recruitment process and opportunities.

Concept Care Recruitment offers a diverse range of job opportunities, including doctor jobs, international nursing positions, nursing jobs, HCA (Healthcare Assistant) jobs, corporate and administrative roles, as well as locum positions.

Concept Care provides both temporary and permanent doctor positions to suit the preferences and needs of medical professionals. Whether you're seeking short-term assignments or long-term career opportunities, we have options available for you.

 Doctors joining Concept Care can expect unparalleled support from our dedicated teams. From onboarding assistance to ongoing mentorship and professional development opportunities, we prioritize the growth and well-being of our medical professionals. 

To apply for doctor positions at Concept Care, simply visit our website or contact our recruitment team directly. You can browse available positions, submit your application online, or reach out to discuss your career goals and preferences with our recruitment specialists.

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