March Newsletter

Upcoming Webinar: Climbing the Property Ladder for Healthcare Professionals

We're excited to announce an exclusive webinar tailored specifically for healthcare professionals looking to step onto the property ladder. Understanding the unique challenges and opportunities faced by those in the healthcare sector, this session is designed to provide valuable insights and practical advice on navigating the property market.


Event Details:

Topic: Property Investment Strategies for Healthcare Professionals

Date & Time: 22nd April, 8:30pm

Platform: Zoom

Sign Up Link:



  • Gain valuable insights tailored to your profession, enabling you to navigate the property market.
  • Discover strategic investment opportunities designed to maximize returns while minimizing risks.
  • Learn practical financing strategies to kickstart your property investment journey with confidence.
  • Connect with like-minded healthcare professionals and industry experts.

Healthcare Recruitment

Warm Gestures: Special Visit to Northern Ireland Trusts

Justin and Vikash from our NHS recruitment team recently journeyed to Northern Ireland, bringing with them hampers and gifts to express our deep appreciation to the Trusts we collaborate with. This thoughtful initiative underlines our commitment to building and reinforcing strong relationships with our healthcare partners.

Their visit reflects our core values of partnership and support, emphasising the importance of a personal touch in professional relationships. The positive reception from the Trusts highlights our mutual dedication to healthcare excellence.

This initiative demonstrates our continuous commitment to acknowledging and valuing the trust and collaboration of our partners, ensuring we maintain these important connections with genuine appreciation.